Provides a detailed guide to the top US poker sites available. Includes bonus, review and details on payment options available at sites accepting players from the USA

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Uptown AcesAugust 2014
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Miami ClubOctober 2012
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Red StagOctober 2012
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Ruby SlotsOctober 2012
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Sloto Cash
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Slots Plus
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Vegas Crest
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Silver Oak
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Club World
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High Noon
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Sun Palace
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Box24 Casino
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USA Online Poker Sites For US Players

USA Online Poker Sites For US Players

If you live in the United States, you will know that the number of real money US poker sites is few and far between. Thanks to the UIGEA the number of legitimate and reputable US online poker rooms has deteriorated significantly. One of the biggest misconceptions US players have with playing poker online is that it is illegal due to the regulations currently in place from the UIGEA. This is 100% false. Online poker is only illegal in the United States if a specific state has banned online poker or gambling in general. For example, online poker is illegal in the state of Washington but legal in other states. Most states are submitting bills to legalize and regulate poker online within the United States.
This page offers you up to date information on the best real money US poker sites. The USA poker sites below cater to American based players and provide exceptional service starting with customer support and payment processing. The poker rooms below offer solid games and have the ability to process US credit card deposits. In fact, the top sites have the fastest processing in the industry.

200% up to $4000
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Juicy Stakes Poker

Sizzling with action, Juicy Stakes Poker is a promising refuge for USA and international poker players in a post-Black Friday era. Juicy Stakes Poker features a brand new software package that’s filled with features and built solid as a rock. The cash games are busy, the tournament schedule is packed, and a variety of games keep the grind interesting. To top it all off, all new depositors at Juicy Stakes Poker receive up to $600 absolutely free. Overall, Juicy Stakes is a solid up-and-coming USA friendly poker room that’s sure to pick up steam in the future more

25% Unlimited
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Bet Online Poker

Bet Online Poker is a brand new USA friendly poker room catering to both Mac and Windows users via a download client. The poker room is the only US brand offering an instant cash bonus with new deposits and continues to provide instant bonuses with each subsequent deposit. BetOnline accepts multiple payment methods from American players. Players will have no problems funding their accounts using eChecks or Visa deposits. They offer a variety of stakes and games spread across cash games and tournaments. more
Poker is still a boom, and if you aren’t playing yet what are you waiting for? Texas hold’em is the most popular game right now, but Omaha h/l and Seven card Stud are also very popular. These are the top three games right now, and if you want into the poker world you need to know a bit about them.

Texas hold’em is a ‘window’ or ‘common’ card game. This means there are cards placed in the middle of the table face up that all players share to build their best hand. In texas hold’em each player is dealt two cards, face down, starting to the left of the dealer. In the first round, betting is started with the use of blinds. In todays Texas Hold’em games there are 2 blinds, a small blind a big blind. After the 2 initial cards are dealt the betting starts to the left of the big blind. The first player has the option to call, raise or fold and this action moves around the table in a clock wise fashion. When the action is around the table and all players have either called or folded, ‘the flop’ is laid out. ‘The Flop’ is three cards face up in the middle of the table. These are common cards that can be used by all players to create a hand. A betting round begins to the left of the dealer. Next comes ‘The Turn’, a single card placed next to the flop and another betting round. The final card, called ‘The River’ is placed on the board, and the final betting round begins. When this final betting round ends, if more that one player is left, it is time for ‘Show Down’, and the players reveal their hands. The player with the highest ranking hand wins the pot, and a new hand begins with the person to the left of the previous dealer dealing.

Omaha h/l is another common card game. It is played much the same as holdem, with a couple twists. The first one you will notice is you are dealt 4 cards instead of 2. In Omaha h/l it is important to know, and remember you must use 2 cards from your hand and 3 cards from the board. The second big difference is the h/l part. This sands for High/Low. And it is possible for the pot to have multiple winners. In Omaha the person with the lowest hand with all cards not pairing and being 8 or under wins half the pot. In the game of Omaha h/l you can not have a low hand if there is not 3 cards 8 and under on the board. If you wish to play Omaha h/l it will be important to learn more about the rules and strategies of the game.

Seven card stud is a classic poker game that is still popular in some parts of the world. It is a stud game, as opposed to a common card like holdem and Omaha. In a stud game a player uses no common cards, and does not get to exchange any cards such as in draw game. Seven Card Stud begins with each player placing an ante in the middle, this starts the pot. Each player is dealt 3 cards, 2 down and 1 up. The lowest card is then required to make a forced bet. The action goes around the table clockwise with each player either calling, raising or folding. At the end of the betting round the dealer gives each player another up card and a betting round starts with the highest hand. There is no forced bet after the first round. This continues one card at a time until each player has 4 up cards & 2 down cards. The final card is delivered face down & a final betting round start with the high hand of last round. When all the action is completed there is a showdown & the highest hand takes down the pot.

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